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Flexible, versatile, personal

From experience, we know that no product can be deployed with the same design in all solid-liquid separation applications. Various fields of use require versatile solutions. For many years, we have been designing individual filter media for a wide range of systems.

PU edge coating 20 - 200 mm

PU webs moulded into the fabric – for transporting the belt.

Laminated PET fabrics

Laminated PET fabrics are mainly used for cooling water recycling. As the market leader in this segment, we have deployed PET laminates with great success for many years. A fine mesh (30 – 150 µm) is laminated onto a scrim fabric. Compared to conventional double-layer fabrics (DLW) we achieve an approx. 40% higher filtration efficiency with defined filtration rate.
PET lam, mesh opening [µm] Air permeability [L/m² x sec]
30 2500
45 3100
55 3170
70 3800
80 3840
100 4050
150 5300

Comprehensive range of woven materials

We cooperate with brand-name woven material manufacturers. Based on decades of experience with various applications, we ask our partners to do individual weaving. This gives us the ability to serve our customers with customized solutions.

Short response times

Our customers often expect prompt deliveries due to imminent process interruption. We manufacture and deliver as soon as possible.