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03.2022 | Impressions from the Filtech 2022

03.2022 | Heidland at the Filtech 2022

03.2022 | Product-availability without restrictions

Dear customers,

due to the current events in Ukraine, we would like to inform you that, according to the current state of knowledge, delivery bottlenecks are not to be expected from our side.

We do not have trade relations with suppliers from Russia. Our supply chains are optimized to the extent that we receive almost 95% of our raw materials from suppliers in Germany or neighbouring countries.

Through long-term contracts with our suppliers, we constantly try to ensure our supply of raw materials.

In the event of a foreseeable supply bottleneck, we will of course inform you in good time. Currently, your products are available without restriction. 

03.2022 | Filtech 2022

We will again exibit at the Filtech trade fair in Cologne from march 8 to 10th 2022.

12.2021 | Dry Pasta

At this point we would like to inform you about an expansion of our product range. We manufacture dryer belts for pasta production from a specially adapted polyester fabric for use in the food sector (see photo). Fabric 1000-44 is suitable for ambient temperatures of approx. 100 °C with up to 70 % humidity. The fabric edges are bordered with fabric tape to protect against mechanical damage. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@heidland-gewebe.de or +49 2588 935420.

02.2021 | Farming Net MO 1000 µm

Nets made of special fabric for fish farming
We assemble the very soft and extremely stable sieve mesh into holding nets. The lengths of fabric are cut and sewn in complex manual work. Some of the materials can be welded. Our nets are used in fish farming for keeping or for the targeted rearing of smaller fish. Depending on the mesh size of the screen mesh, different fish and / or crab sizes up to the egg can be held. In case of need, please contact us: 02588 935420 or info@heidland-gewebe.de

11.2020 | We provide clarity

Discontinuous plate pressure filters are used in various industries. The included plate packages usually also consist of stainless-steel plates, with a coarse support fabric as carrier material and a fine steel sieve as the actual filter fabric material. The filter cake forms on the surface of the fine tissue and the filtrate flows through the central collection tube.

Heidland GmbH & Co. KG manufactures the plate filter rounds from special laminated polyester fabric. The polyester fabric is characterized by an absolute power of separation with maximum permeability. The fabric is available in mesh sizes from 30 to 150 microns. Particularly advantageous are the significantly lower production costs compared to conventional stainless-steel plates. The steel body of the filter rendis can also be reused.

Different diameters of the filter rounds and the varying number of rounds per plate filter package are realized according to the customer's requirements.

11.2020 | Filter segments for drum filters

Heidland GmbH & Co. KG has been manufacturing filter segments for drum filters for quite some time (see photo). A laminated polyester filter fabric with mesh sizes of 30 to 150 microns is used as a filter material. The segments are framed with a high-strength and at the same time very flexible PU. The filter segments are manufactured user-specific (e. g. width and thickness of the frames). We also manufacture individual segments for test series. If necessary, please contact us.

12.2019 | Cooling Lubricant Forum 2019, SKS for KSS

In front of more than 120 participants our managing director Mr. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Guido Rauße lectured about laminated PET fabrics for use in KSS filtration. Initial invitations to discussions with manufacturers in Austria and end users in southern Germany give a first impression of the great response to this highly praised contribution.

11.2019 | Filtech 2019 was a complete success

The Filtech 2019 is over and was a complete success for the Heidland GmbH & Co. KG.
For the first time this year, our booth did shine in a new outfit.
The number of visitors and the many successful discussions confirmed our renewed participation in this important event for the filtration industry.

08.2019 | Der Kühlschmierstoff und dessen Handling stehen im Fokus

This news is just in german. 

07.2019 | Filtech 2019

We will again exibit at the Filtech trade fair in Cologne from 22 … 24 octobre 2019.

07.2019 | New filter fabric SKS 69-100 Revolution

Heidland GmbH & Co. KG develops laminated fabrics for critical applications in the field of cooling lubricant regeneration. Especially against the background that additives significantly shift the pH of the cooling lubricants to the alkaline side, it was necessary to develop a fabric, which can be used over the entire pH value range. The special plastic used is characterized by a high flexibility and a very smooth surface. Ideal conditions for pulleys with smaller diameters in the filter systems and for cake release. Operating temperatures of more than 200 °C are also not a problem. Although it is not to be assumed that such high temperatures will be expect. But a PU coating is partly applied at temperatures above 100°C. The SKS does not deform and remains dimensionally stable.

01.2019 | Review of 2018

Ms. Dzieciol has married and her name is now Mrs. Zahn.
It has been a great party!

01.2019 | Renovation finished!

The production hall of Heidland GmbH shines in new splendour.
Just in time for KW 2/2019 the new floor is ready and regular business can be resumed.

10.2018 | Application of endless-filter-belts - Filtrieren & Separieren Magazine

Cleaning of cooling lubricants at machined processing methods will get more and more recognition, analogous to the increasing quality factors. Knoll Maschinenbau, Bad Saulgau, is a specialist for this kind of filtration systems. Read the actual report in the new issue of Filtrieren & Separieren: Page1 | Page2 | Page3.

10.2018 | Application of endless-filter-belts

Filtration systems for cooling lubricants create huge expense factors by using cellulose and other fleece materials. This in most cases could be avoided.
Knoll, Bad Saulgau, are offering VL and KF filtration systems with endless-filter-belts. Read more HERE.

08.2018 | VA/PET laminated fabric 70 µm

As one of our new innovative products we want to present VA/PET laminated fabric. This fabirc is made of PET scrim with laminated stainless steel layer. It  was especially developed for coolant water filtration. When lubricants content massively abrasive particles and the solvent react strong alkaline it is important that
the finer mesh fabric will be consistent to allow longer life time of the ready made belt.

07.2018 | New anti-slip tape

We supply the new anti-slip tape for filter belts on drive rollers


Endless filter belt, PET 70 mm laminated fabric
Inclined belf filter

02.2018 | Trade Fair

Heidland was exhibiting at the Filtech trade fair in Cologne from 13-15 March 2018 again.

It was a huge success.

We are looking forward to the next event!

08.2016 | New coating machine

Heidland is investing in a new coating machine, which will support PU edge coating from 20 – 200 mm.